Saturday, July 10, 2010

This is my 50th Post

As the title says, this is my 50th post, so I thought I'd dedicate it to my Universe Seeker. ,

The Last few months have been hard on the both of us. I don't know about her, but really has for me. Sometimes it feels like I'm crumbling because it's just been so hard. The Doctors. School. Lots of things.

I've been getting sad, way too much, I can't help it. Again, just too much. I've been sad, but I haven't been because of anyone but the Doctors. 

I will disappear from IM, because I just don't want to talk, but knowing that my Universe Seeker cares and is worried, makes me feel better. Even if worrying can make someone sick. I'm sorry if there were any times I hurt or made my Universe Seeker sad. I didn't mean it. Never meant it. Even if I just want to hide away in my little 'box' and she still tries to offer her hand.  

And I thank her.
I thank her for everything. 
She probably knows me better than anyone.
I wish there was more to say then just thank you.

Universe Seekers watching up the sky
with hope always...


Piano Music! 

1 comment:

  1. Hiiiiii!
    I hadnt seen this before >_<
    -huge hug- It's been hard I agree, but we can't give up can we? ;)
    And I'm sorry if I have hurt you or made you sad too >_< I didn't meant it either.
    You're welcome but I thank you =) for your friendship, for this post, for all the time we've talked n_n for everything and more.
    You showed me those melodies yesterday, they're beautiful :)
    I hope everything went alright =) a big tackle bear hug is waiting for ya XD