Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Things bad about today:
1. Went to bed at 12.30am last night, woke up at 1.10pm.
2. Still tired.
3. I hate my pills, they make me sad.
4. Mum's making me go to the doctor's in the morning.
5. MSN will not send my replies. -.-
6. Myspace is hiding my friends... -.-
7. Can't seem to write anything. Don't know why, inspiration is like almost zero. And I don't really want to do anything else.
8. Dropped a book on my foot, now it's hard to walk, even more than it is normally.
9. My internet keeps going down every time I try to do something. -.- If this posts, I'll be happy.
10. It took me nearly an hour just to find ONE document that had the most SIMPLE title in history.
11. I think I'm getting sick again.
12. -.- It's over 85*F and I'm still cold. >.<
13. I woke up from nightmares. I've had them almost every night for over two months.
14. Did I say I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow?
15. I don't know whether to cry or punch something right now. I don't know why, I've felt like this most of the past two weeks.
16. I miss: Eleven, Ana, Will, Karen, Kendra, Jye, Millie, CP, Master, Martha, Andrew, Nikki, Zack, Ceci, Lila, Rose, Rosey, Theta, Donna, Edward, Nan, River, Sarah, Stacie, AND so many more. Dx Some I've just talked to a few hours ago, some for over a year, but I miss them all the same. T_T Those I just spoke too, it feels like days ago. :( I MISS YOU.
17. Mum wants me to go to bed again in 40 minutes because of the doctor's tomorrow.
18. >.< The hospital dropped me as an outpatient and I'm getting worse.
19. I just want to sleep all the time.
20. Sun hurts badly. >.<
21. I feel like I've lost something.
22. I can't turn my neck and my wrist hurts. :(

I could keep going. But well, wouldn't want to make anyone sad. :( Just needed to blow off steam.

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  1. I MISS YOU TOO!!!
    I can't sneak on comp -.- and MySpace is messed up today I cant even write a comment!!