Wednesday, April 21, 2010


By Kira Wilfort

I found a Rose Today.
It was white leaves
I gave it to a child who grieves,
who didn't deserve to grieve.

I found a yellow rose yesterday. 
I gave it to my friend called May.

I found a Rose of red.
It was torn to shreads.

I found a Rose coloured Coral 
I left it in the sand because is felt immoral,
to pick it.

I found a Rose that was light pink.
I gave it to my friend, 
for she made me happy.

I found found a Dark Pink Rose.
I handed it to my sister.
She smiled and sniffed it with her nose.

I found a Rose of lavender,
it reminded me of the saying
Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder.

I found a Rose the other day.
It was coloured orange.
I put it in a vase to display,
where I watched it decay,
in fascination. 

Rose's are red,
Violets are blue...

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