Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I was actually reading someone else's blog when I started thinking about this:
Last Saturday, I think it was, I was at Ralph's Super Market. We were walking down the Milk/Dairy items isle. There was this little boy, tugging on his mother's shirt, holding some sort of box. It made me start thinking. So many children out there, how many tell their parents that they love them? How many times have you walked in the store, down the street, or past a Elementary School have you ever heard a child telling his or her parents that he/she loves them. How many times? On my way to school of a morning, I pass, well used to pass by an Elementary school, never once did I see a child kiss his mother good-bye or even hug her. In fact I just saw them run off to play, and once a kid swear at his father, then run off. 

It's not right, in my opinion, perhaps they don't wanna tell they love their parents in front of their friends. I'd tell my mother I loved her and give her a kiss on the cheek, even if the president or the love of my life was standing beside me. I wouldn't care, because I love my mum as I love my dad. They make me mad sometimes or don't let me do what I wanna do, but hey, they know what is right for me and made me the person I am. I mean who's going to laugh at me for loving my parents? In fact, I think the whole would should know that they are your parents and that their loved by you. 
Unless you hate them or never knew them, then that's a completely different story. 
I mean, parents they need someone to tell them they love them each day. I know mine do. My mother's father died before she was born and her mother a year after I was born. My Dad's father is dead and buried and his mother only calls once a week. Who else would tell them they they're loved other than each other? Their bosses aren't going to. Siblings might not even keep in contact. So who's left? Their children, us. And I know for a fact it makes my parents happy to know they're loved by my sister and I. 
Our parents they break their backs trying to take care of us, keep us fed and clothed, so why not tell them that their loved? They take us to school, spend time with us, help us, guide us. They don't have to do anything they do, but they do all those things because they love us. We might not agree with their views, but still, without them we wouldn't be here. 
Why not take one moment, one random out of the blue moment to tell our parents, guardians that they're loved. I do, each day. Because when a parent hears that their loved it means a lot to them, it's special and treasured by them. I might not be a parent or even an adult, but I see it in my parents eyes every time I tell them they're loved. 
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I love you mum and dad!!

~A single Moment is all it takes to make a difference in someone's life. Why not start close to home?

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