Friday, April 2, 2010

Absent Mindedness (Is that a word?)

Today I went with my family out shopping. Because my hamstring (ligaments at the back of your upper leg) in my right leg was hurting. My father thought I strained it, and for strains walking is a good thing. >.< Doesn't help. It still hurts to walk on it. Getting harder just to walk now. :(


We were at the check out. My dad bought a Leg of Lamb (for Easter Sunday), I put it on the belt to pay for.
Dad: "Where's the lamb?" -he looks around for it-
Me: "There." -points to it getting ready to be bagged-
Dad gets mad: "Didn't you hear us when your mum asked me if I was paying for it?"
Me: "No?" -shakes head, because I don't remember- "You didn't tell me."
Dad: "You heard us! You were right there!"
Me: "No." -is hurt and confused-
Dad asks mum if they did, she nods-
Mum looks at me worried: "You were right behind us."
My sister: :Are you deaf or just stupid, Kira?"
Dad after grounding my sister is mad: "Where were you? Being absent minded in your own little world?" -he  asks the cash clerk to take the Lamb out, then he puts it back in the trolley to pay for separate-
Me: -glares at him, although hurt- "I like my own little world!"
The man bagging and loading the trolley chuckles. (I saw him too much today. o.o) The checkout woman looks annoyed.
Dad shakes head and mutters to mum: "She's getting worse."
Me: -sighs and turns away, looking down, thinking about what they said, wondering if it is something to do with being sick-
Dad's busy talking about how much I need to 'come back to Earth.'
Me not listening, just walking, not paying attention, walks into a trashcan. >.<

Then in the car I scared my mum., because I yelled out something about Intermolecular bonds. -.- I was working on a Chemistry assignment and couldn't remember what the answer was. >.< Felt silly after I looked it up in my notes. I'd only learned that a few hours ago.

Then I walked into a bookcase again and hurt my arm. >.<

And I've got cooking to do tomorrow for my mum's birthday. >.< Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Happy Birthday Mum!!
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Then earlier I sent a message to someone who's my best friend...well was. I've been trying to call her for weeks, because I miss her. She didn't even know who I was. Not even by the character in the book series she called me. >.< Anna she used to call me. Kinda hurts really. She seems to have forgotten me completely. 

>.< Now I can't even log into MSN. 

And I miss my friends. No one was on today. :( And I think I'm getting another cold. >.<

Today, really has been a bad day. Still I've had worse. 

I'm lonely. :(

And wish I could have gotten to know some people better before they slipped away. :( Could you still get to know someone after they're gone?

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