Monday, March 15, 2010

Have You Ever?

Have you ever lied out on the cement staring at the sky,
watching the clouds go by, 
listening to the sounds of the birds chirping,
the sounds of the leaves singing, 
as the wind blows through them?

Have you ever picked a flower and looked at its stem?
Ever noticed that most flowers are covered with tiny hair?
Ever wondered why they were there?
I think it's because flowers have no one to hold,
so they get cold,
that's why in the winter they die. 

Have you ever gazed at the night sky?
Watching the stars twinkle ever so bright.
Have you ever made a wish on one?
Have you ever tried counting them, but found your self outdone, 
because the more you count the more you see?

Have you ever found a single key,
Wondering where it belonged?
Ever listened to a song?
Just really listened to its very lyrics and its notes,
How just like a boat on water it floats...

Have you ever watched the changes the weather?
One one moment the sun in shining,
then the next it's raining.
Have you ever watched as it changed,
Sometimes longing that it remained unchanged,
because it ruined your day sort of?

Have you ever seen a dove?
One so white and peaceful,
and very beautiful.
Have you ever loved someone who lives so far?
that every night you're wishing an even further star,
to be with him?

Have you ever looked over a pools rim,
and saw standing behind you reflecting in water
the face of your lover?
Then found your self sore
because when you looked behind you he wasn't there?
You know he's so far, but you wish he was nearer.

Have you ever looked in the mirror,
and imagined he was there
you feel his arms around you, but you know it's just air?
Have you ever found yourself
thinking about him and himself,
all the time.

Have you every sung a rhyme?
And noticed how it blends together?
Have you ever smelt a flower?
Or seen a Dove?
Or ever been in love?

When Today passes by
I'll go outside
and wish I could see his eyes
every day of the rest of my life...

Okay this I started writing this a couple days ago, but now I've finished it. haha. 

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