Monday, March 15, 2010

Clarinet (The Instrument I Play)

Again, this is just something nice. I play the Clarinet, it's the instrument I know how to play and I just love it. Only one problem, since I've been sick and my asthma it's really hard to play now. For one thing, asthma naturally constricts airways and another reason why it's harder is because with some Hiatal Hernias you can't breath with your lower lungs/abdomen and the Clarinet sounds better when playing from the lower lungs instead of upper. My Clarinet looks like the one in the video below, except that mine is most likely older. I've been playing for six years. When I joined up for band we got to chose which instruments to play. o.o Someone chose Electric Guitar. XD Or was that the year before? I can't really remember, but I think we got to chose from Piano (Sorry my love, though you still gotta teach me! XD), Saxophone, Flue, Trombone, Trumpet, Clarinet, Oboe and various other instruments, mainly wind instruments. I tried the flute, had perfect sound first time, but I liked the Clarinet best. Never knew why, just did. Of course then, I wasn't sick like I am now, so then I could play.

I took lessons for about...erm...Six months then we moved out of that city and the school I went to didn't have a music/band program, so we got a tutor for a while. I think she taught me about another six months to a year. Then she moved to New York (opposite side of the country for me. :( ). So we called in on another one, which took a while, in fact a whole year until we got her coming. She was nice, but then she graduated, so now I teach myself. I've been slacking!! XD Yes I know, not something to sound proud of. T.T Then I got to teach a class!! Only because I'm the one who knew most about the instrument. The teacher, was just someone who sold them, not played them. I was showing my friends Jye and Millie how to play. Jye'd already made his pick, Millie was still choosing. DX I think Millie chose to play because I sounded really good. The teacher made me teach them!! There were about I think 7 in the group for Clarinet. T.T There was a younger group of boys who didn't listen, so really about four or three. Can't remember. 

Anyway, I played this song on my Clarinet for my Spanish class. Completely messed up, I couldn't keep a good tempo, because I'd just gotten over Bronchitis then so it was hard to keep my breath. Been like that for about 18 months now, give or take, so yeah, I kinda have an excuse for not playing other than school and just lazy. (See I am my love!!!)

It's a nice song, but I was re-reading over some of the information about the translation of the lyrics (all I've heard is the music, never heard it sung). Some variations don't sound so nice. o.o But then again, look at Yankee Doodle, look at how many different versions of that? I know a few are pretty dirty... -.- Why does it seem everyone knows the naughty versions of songs? Dx But anyway, I played the song, because I used to hear it...o.o I think on TV and I thought it was a good pick. But then again I was going to do Oaxaca Black Pottery, but I couldn't find anything. Dx Of course now, I find information. -.- So that was my next choice.

o.o How did I get from Clarinet to La Cucaracha Song and Last Years Spanish Project? XD Anyway, before I completely go off topic. The Clarinet is a Woodwind instrument. The specific Type of Clarinet I play is a B flat Clarinet. It's about 60 cm (23.6 in) and it's made of Ebony Wood. The best ones to get are the classic Black, Oak, or White Wood (Don't get colour!!!). It's very close to the oboe, although it's played with one reed, not too. A reeds a piece of wood that vibrates causing the sound. Then the holds in the wood of the  Clarinet you put your fingers over to stop air escaping causing the change in sound, in other words, notes. Like with piano, the different keys you press, causes the strings to vibrate causing their sounds. 

Jazz Clarinet (Not a proper type. o.o I think. Nor is that me. XD)
Anyway, for further reading:
La Cucaracha Song Wikipedia:
Oaxaca Black Pottery:

Anyway, I play Clarinet, best. Then I play guitar, I'm kinda learning. I'm really really bad!! Then I wanna play Piano. I know how to play I think two songs, I think. One I forgot the name xD then the other is Doomsday from Doctor Who. haha. But the first my dad showed me, it's just a few keys, then Doomsday I can't play without hearing the song. XD So I don't think those count. Plus, my keyboard has about half the keys a Piano does, so I don't think that counts either. XD

Okay, too long a blog. Gotta do homework and eat breakfast.

Here are some nice Quotes about Music:
"A painter paints pictures on canvas.  But musicians paint their pictures on silence."  ~Leopold Stokowski
"Without music life would be a mistake."  ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
"Music is what feelings sound like."  ~Author Unknown
"Music is the poetry of the air."  ~Richter
"The story might end, but the song never ends." - Unknown
"Music can change the world because it can change people" -Bono
"Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe." - Lao Tzu
"Life without Music is not worth living." - Can't remember. XD
"Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life." - Jean Paul

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