Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Promise (A rewrite)

The Promise
Tracy Chapman
An Edited Version by Myself for my love:

My blog

This is just a random blog to write. I'll dedicate it to my love, since he's the one made me better, in may ways, Though I'm always sick, he's always been there to make me smile. He encourages me to keep writing and to keep trying my best no matter what. He's been there, when no one else was and he still is. I cry a lot, from big things, little things, insignificant things, and pain, but he's still there talking to me and trying to make me smile all he can. He makes me strong. ^_^

If I could write a whoooole blog about him, I would, but I think people would get jealous, if I did, though I think I'd make my love smile and maybe just blush a little but if I did.

So anyways...I think this'll just be a random blog haha.

I may write somethings in Spanish because I can speak it, although I'm not very good as I'm still learning it, so please correct me if you find anything wrong. I'd really appreciate it. ^_^